In today’s busy world of fast-paced lifestyles and fly-by entertainment, Gospel tracts are a simple and effective way to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Gospel tracts should outline the problem (sin) and the solution (Jesus).

Gospel tracts should contain a few fundamental Gospel elements:

  1. All of mankind is sinful
  2. We need a Savior
  3. Jesus is the Savior (the only way)
  4. Jesus is God’s Son and He came to earth to die for sinners
  5. Jesus rose from the dead, defeating death
  6. Heaven is a free gift and not earned or deserved
  7. Instruction or advice on how to repent, pray and seek forgiveness
  8. A contact point where they can learn more (ie: a website address)
  9. Encouragement to read the Bible and pray
  10. The Gospel!

While all of the above elements are crucial for a complete Gospel presentation, the size of the tract may restrict how much detail you can include. Some tracts are more comprehensive and will appeal to the more thorough seeker. These tracts are often large print-outs or booklets.

Some smaller tracts are more “attention-grabbers” and are aimed more to appeal as an initial teaser to suit the low concentration, detail opposed non-seekers. So some tracts are direct evangelism and others are more what we would call “pre-evangelism tracts”. It is good if tracts have a Bble verse for people to look up or even better if they can have a few Bible verses written out on them (God’s word will not return void”).

If you are handing out tracts, there will always be people that oppose you. Often the worst opposition will come from Christians Matt 16:23. Don’t be discourage though, Jesus and the apostles were bold and offensive and stirred up trouble where ever they went. They preached open air and weren’t shy in exposing hypocrisy or broods of vipers. They were persecuted unto death. You can simply smile, consider it joy and walk away. You wont always have the time or opportunity for lengthy discussions about God with people that you don’t know. But, if you make the effort, you will always have opportunities to hand out Gospel tracts that explain how people can receive forgiveness and eternal life.